Hex Hue

The brainchild of Belfast-based composer and musician Katie Richardson, Hex Hue shine brightly in their application of harmony-laden alternative pop at Belfast's Black Box.

Influenced by the likes of Perfume Genius, Sylvan Esso and Lykke Li, Richardson, assisted on the night by drummer George Sloan and backing vocalists Emer McDaid and Jess Brien, crafts something therapeutic - a brief but gently intoxicating set list comprised of Hex Hue's original tuneage and music from Patrick J. O'Reilly's The Man Who Fell To Pieces, one of the best plays of the year.

Once support act Joel Harkin has had his moment with a handful of ambient country folk tunes, Richardson really gets down to business, pumping out challenging and soothing funk-orientated tunes which get McDaid, Brien and the audience moving in a sort of hypnotic, inspiring trance.

By the third song, Richardson siphons away the funk for a more spiritual and anthemic effect which raises audience sways to chants, the perfect entrance point for the Open House Festival Choir to arrive and back the band up on the theatrical music. And it is as if those songs, like the play they are drawn from, are designed to give us a helping hand and voice for our own mental health. Like The Man Who Fell To Pieces, the entire event is crafted and performed with great care, heart and unity. You're more than glad you came along.

Simon Fallaha

Hex Hue performed music from The Man Who Fell To Pieces at the Black Box and will perform today at the Limelight, as part of Oh Yeah Centre's Rude Health event. For more information click here.