The Experience Of Being Production Photo: An Grainan

"It isn't the passage of time that makes you... it's you."

After taking in the Patrick J O'Reilly-directed The Experience Of Being, written and performed by Carol Moore, for the second time, I see a quietly powerful, fifty-minute, one-woman show about life not as it should be but as a battle between what is and what we want to be. I see a string of minor glories among pitfalls that constantly pile on top of one person from a society who appears to neither know nor care about who they really are. I see a futile struggle to cling on to eternal youth, followed by acceptance then celebration of the wrinkles and white hairs that define growth as much as they appear to destroy dreams. I see the weight of hundreds, thousands even, of challenges laid before a poor soul who still won't be conquered by intimidation, no matter what - it does not crush her spirit, but inspires her to strengthen her resolve. I see inner troubles, outer Troubles, and how we can either shrink or evolve in the face of seemingly impossible odds. I see an experience of being, both survived and escaped from by an experienced, wise and worthy being. I see a triumph. I see applause. And so, deservedly, does Carol Moore.

Simon Fallaha

The Experience Of Being ran at the Baby Grand Theatre in Belfast's Grand Opera House from Wednesday May 8 to Friday May 10, and will tour Ireland from Tuesday May 14 until Saturday June 1. For more information on tour dates, click here.